To Build or Not To Build…

There layeth the question. I’ve worked relentlessly to build up all my social media for Chrysalis Creation and I want to keep building up on it – especially because I’m getting WONDERFUL traffic but want to encourage sales. This on top of creating new dolls and scouting out supplies!

So I sit and contemplate the necessity to build a personalized website – one that would incorporate this here blog but also be able to showcase all the dolls themselves and help me catalog this whole process and inventory. One that might legitimize what I’m doing and give me more of a foot hold while I build this creative empire I’m trying to amass!

I have the hosting site I want to use, but it does make me consider whether this is the right step or whether I should wait a little before tackling such a large project. I have the web hosting site picked out and I can certainly build a rudimentary site that I think I’ll be happy with, but the contemplation lies in whether this is the right time to do it or not. I have a literal shelf of dolls waiting for their new homes and intend on adding at least one new doll a week until I either run out of dolls (which is impressive given the amount I have already) OR get tired.

All this while I also consider returning to school for a grad degree!

Either I just cant keep still or else I’m crazy…maybe a little of both!

For now, though, I’ll continue to plug away at my social media marketing in the hopes that I get some sales rolling in.

One thought on “To Build or Not To Build…

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