Ebay or Etsy?

That’s a question I see being asked all the time on various Facebook groups that I network in. The conversation always seems to focus on which platform is better for sales – regardless the product or medium being offered. I sell on both and for differing reasons. I see repainted dolls being offered on both sites obviously – it would be silly of me not to take into consideration the potential for competition as well as the median for the market.

Etsy Ive settled on, at least for the time being, for my dolls themselves. Etsy seems to cater better towards that market of OOAK items and handmade things though their recent changes to policy to include mass production of designs has me a little concerned. Their platform though, and their ability to track views, favorites and be able to contact those that have been impressed with your work is unparalleled.

Ebay I utilize for all my little odds and ends – those costume pieces and accessories that I dont need for the dolls themselves but are still valuable to someone trying to fill out a doll that they purchased second hand.

I may eventually move my dolls over to it, and indeed I have one listed of there as a sort of tester right now, but I find that the ‘garage sale’ aspect of Ebay fits better for the stuff while the ‘art show’ feeling of Etsy is more suited for my art. Everyone is going to have their own opinions and I would be curious to hear yours!



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