Chrysalis Creation was originally started as a means for me to make a little extra money through my various crafty endeavors. It began with polymer clay horns (and those can certainly still be ordered!) and has expanded to include decoupage and repainting dolls. The repainting dolls, especially, has become a rather voracious obsession. Chrysalis is, after all, an ever evolving and metamorphosing love affair with creativity.

I am still working on my techniques and streamlining my finished products, but I am quite proud of the dolls I recreate and have gotten to the point where in I feel comfortable offering them to those that may also appreciate the aesthetics and fantasy images I try to bring to 3D still-life.

The repainting process, for me, is quite cathartic and inspiring. Each doll undertakes not only a whole new persona from their original company generated character, but also from the other ‘clones’ as well. They are being recreated after all! The process itself entails removing the dolls original factory paint – how they come when you purchase them in the store – and layering colors upon colors to obtain a new, hopefully softer and certainly more customized personality.

I utilize quality pastels, watercolor pencils and sealants in my work and generally offer the dolls nude so that the owners can customize their clothing to how they see their new addition. Clothes are potentially on the horizon, but not an undertaking that I’ve had time for just yet!

All of the dolls also have their hair washed and conditioned and in some cases restyled.

All dolls can be found on my Etsy shop, but my works in progress can also be previewed on my Facebook page. I also have access through Pinterest, DeviantArt and Twitter. I can also be emailed should you have any direct questions. Followers are always appreciated and I try to follow back when possible.

As for me personally; I’m a thirtysomething (almost fortysomething) mom, partner, student and full-time office employee who does her best to juggle everything. Most of the time I consider myself to be successful at it. Creativity with me takes a plethora of forms, this being just one of them. Music is my primary inspiration, as is my family and I consider myself to be a ‘recovering goth’ in so much as a dark aesthetic still sings to me more than most. I’m not a fan of horror, oddly enough, but gravitate towards the Victorian, Edwardian and the 1940’s usually. I’m in love with love, and almost always root for the villain. I am a self-proclaimed Disneyphile and have given the mouse more money than I care to ever admit to, and I also have developed a newer obsession with running.

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