New Vlog Up! #2 – Criticism and Anxiety

I had an interesting experience yesterday at work, and I blogged about it on my sister site that I started this weekend (total coincedence!) but going to cross-post it here as well for anyone interested. Please make sure to subscribe and feel free to leave comments if the desire strikes.

Stress is the Mindkiller

Those that have lived a long life generally state that their attitude was the largest contributor to their longevity. I get that. But then I also see people who are apparently absolutely miserable living well past their presumed expiration date and then I have to wonder if that’s because they enjoy and revel their misery.

That being said, I was part of an event recently where the guest speaker was Dave Mitchell, the author of “The Power of Understanding People” and “Live and Learn or Die Stupid“. Dave is an enigmatic and wonderful speaker and someone I highly recommend you get a chance to check out because his assessments are spot on. That being said, one of the things that Dave mentions is that we, as humans, are pack animals YET the largest cause of stress in our lives is one another – primarily because we anticipate and expect that everyone else will react and act as we would. That has certainly been the largest issue I’ve had in my relationships – even now when I KNOW that my partner isn’t going to react or handle something the same way I would, I still get stressed trying to navigate their idiosyncrasies. Add this to General Anxiety Disorder and it’s amazing I’m not asexual I think.

Stress makes anxiety work. It’s bad enough that those of us riddled with the burden of dealing with anxiety are already trying to circumvent our brains cognitively trying to prep for every single possible outcome that the future has in store, but now we have to deal with the reality of the current circumstances and INVARIABLY we didn’t see that coming so now that’s an added layer of stress because we didn’t plan well enough!

Relaxing is something difficult to do for someone with anxiety – and relaxing is never something you think about doing when you’re stressed. You’re focused on the issues that are causing the stress and alleviating them. I wish that it wasn’t associated with Disney’s Frozen, as I’m totally over anything Anna and Elsa related, but relaxing is really the BEST thing to do when you’re stressed. You really do just have to let it go and deal only with what you can and NOT focus on the things that you can’t handle at that moment.


Its a lesson I keep having to remind myself of…..

Reboot 2.0

Recently, I have come to the hard and rough realization that my lack of taking care of myself was detrimental towards not just me – physically, mentally and emotionally – but also to my family and those I love.

I weighed myself today to a whopping result of 156.8 lbs on my 5′ 2″ frame. This is MORE than what I weighted at the height of my last pregnancy. This is completely unacceptable. I have a 10k race on January 8th that I havent really begun to train for, in part because I have had physical discomfort every time I’ve tried that I’ve used as an excuse to NOT do anything.

Interestingly enough, as I was pondering this yesterday and the changes I have to make lifestyle wise, a post from Wil Wheaton popped up into my Facebook. In it, he spoke about the seven things he did to ‘reboot’ his life. I found that it resonated ¬†quite well with where I find myself currently.

I do plan to read more.

Tomorrow, I start taking advantage of the YMCA membership I have during my lunches at work to put in dreadmill and weight building time.

I HAVE to cut caffeine out of my diet, or at the very least minimize it greatly as a special treat. Being that I suffer from anxiety, caffeine is not only counter productive to my ability to control my anxiety, but amplifies it.

I have already started to increase my water intake, knowing that I have to do that a little slowly so as to not constantly be in the bathroom.

I plan on focusing on getting solid rest and NOT pushing the limits to burn the candle at both ends.

Reboot 2.0 in progress……