New Listing – 5.20.15

So I know I’ve been a little remiss in posting as of late but that’s due, in part, to having a race to run and getting things up and going shop wise still. I’m always on the look out for new dolls to procure at decent prices (so I can keep the prices for my repaints relatively affordable!) and besides, I started a new position in my job which has me going non-stop almost all of the day so by the time I get home I’m exhausted! I’ve also been in a very introspective place which I think I will write about and share soon.

However, that didnt stop me from getting not one, but TWO new dolls up into my shop this past weekend. I generally try to get the new listings posted the same day that I get them in the shop, but it just hasn’t worked out that way this go around so hopefully it will with the next one. I also have a new WIP that I’m working on and a doll I had previously repainted that I’ve been debating rerooting – but trying to decide on hair! (Thankfully has a 10% sale going right now so I might just have to take advantage of that for her once I decide on colors!)

So, up for offer recently are:


Operetta Repaint

Now this one, this one I’m REALLY excited for and took great pride working on. Granted, I love all the dolls I work on, but sometimes you do something and you step back when you’re finished and you’re just EXCITED about the work you’ve created. This Skelita, now she I can sit back and say YES! This is why I do this.

   Skelita Calaveras Monster High Repaint        


As always, my dolls are repainted using high-quality Faber-Castell and Prismacolor watercolor pencils and soft chalk pastels. They are sealed using Mr. Super Clean UV Matte Sealant and Liquitex Gloss Varnish for their shiny parts. In both instances here, their hair was washed, conditioned and then boil-permed, styled and sprayed into place. All purchase information is located on my etsy shop.

You can also always follow my expoloits with dolls on the following social media platforms where in I offer regular promotional discounts to followers!






Two New Dolls!

So this weekend I was able to finish up and photograph two new dolls that I was able to upload to my Etsy shop for purchase! This weeks offering happen to be a Ghoulia Yelps that includes a reroot of her hair as well as an Abbey Bomidable with her nails painted using O.P.I. nail lacquer.

As for both, I am quite proud of them! I love Abbeys large eyes and Ghoulia to me is just beautiful.

On both the factory paint was removed and their faces repainted using Prismacolor watercolor pencils and Faber-Castell pastels. Both were sealed using Mr. Super Clear UV Matte spray and glossed with Liquitex Gloss Varnish on their eyes and lips.

For Abbey, she was a pretty straight forward rework. Repainted, hair was washed, conditioned and restyled (though the glitter fibers in her hair did make for an interesting amount of lift!) and I also painted her talons with O.P.I nail laquer in OPI Ink and topped with Seche Vite top coat.


Abbey Bomidable Repaint


For Ghoulia, as I pointed out before, her hair had been cut by a previous owner and she was devoid of her bangs so she was in need of a reroot. For my first go at it I’m quite pleased and wanted to style her hair in a manner that would be simple enough that should her owner wish, it could be restyled with ease. She was rerooted with Dollyhairs nylon doll hair in Blueberry Muffin, Dragonfly and Poison Ivy. I also gave Ghoulia a light body blushing.



By clicking on the photos it will take you straight to their listings on my shop!


More will be coming soon as I plan on starting a new doll this weekend. Thank you again for looking and keeping up with me. As my shop grows, so too will my posts and my adventures in repainting! I also made sure to cross post everywhere and Chrysalis Creation can be found:

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Adventures in ReRooting…A Dolls Tale

This weekend I received my first order from DollyHair and was excited to get started. I ordered hair in Blueberry Muffin, DragonFly and Poison Ivy to go along with the recently repainted Ghoulia Yelps doll from the previous weekend.

Ghoulia Yelps Repaint

I also didnt order a rerooting tool cause I felt like I would be able to make one with the supplies I have on hand. I mean, I have a bunch of sewing needles, x-acto knives and wire cutters; I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it so how hard can it really be?

Lemme tell you, the ONE thing none of them videos told me was to ballast the needle. Even in an x-acto knife clamp I had issues with the needle being too long. Either make sure you have the right length needle or make sure you have a dowel rod to plunge the needle into for support! Took me two broken needles and a lot of cursing, but I finally got something that would allow me to get hair back on poor Ghoulia’s head!

I still need to form some polymer clay around the shaft of the needled to give it not only a slightly improved appearance, but also a little additional stability so as to not bend it. Thankfully, the thrown together tool has given me something I could use (and ideas for potential accessories to sell going forward!)

I’ll have pics up of her in a bit and I still need to part thatch her head, but I’ve been quite pleased with the results so far and can’t wait to finish her up this weekend to get her posted for sale.


Posting Whirlwind

So yesterday I decided to get all my ducks in a proverbial row and attempt to get the 8 dolls I now have listed in my Etsy shop cross posted to Pinterest, Tumblr and DeviantArt as well as my Facebook page. Dear gods! Three hours later I had it all done and that was with a lightning quick internet connection! Best yet, I still have odds and ends to post on my Ebay account.

See, I generally sell my dolls nude primarily because I am a so-so seamstress and partly because in my head, my potential clients have an idea about how they want their doll to look and are purchasing my dolls to fulfill that image. Granted, there are some people that just want to buy the whole package and eventually I’ll get to that (time allowance willing!) but for now I think that having the dolls nude makes it easier for a client to really customize how they envision their doll looking. That of course leaves me with the factory provided items sitting around so those I try to resell on eBay for collectors looking to flush out their factory purchased dolls. Win-win if you ask me!

I got my Clawdeen, Cleo and Venus all uploaded to Etsy the other day, and they join the Frankie, Operetta, Abbey and two Lagoona’s I already had posted. Now, all the ladies are in all the areas I can possibly think of and I’m still scouting out more social media platforms in which to post them. If you have suggestions, feel free to bring me in on the loop!

In the meantime, I think I’m going to rest. Who am I kidding? I have a Draculaura whose hair I need to finish and then photoshoot and upload her, and a Ghoulia who is waiting on beautiful new Dollyhair. There is no rest for the wicked after all!

Abbey Bomidable Repaint from Chrysalis Creation. Click the pic to follow the link.

First DollyHair Order!

So yesterday I decided to start a repaint on a Ghoulia Yelps doll that I had ordered off of ebay. When I had ordered her, I had gotten her at a very good price and when she arrived, I found out why. Someone had chopped her bangs clear off and the hair in that area looked like the beginning of a Billie Jean doll (with blue hair of course!) Thats actually an idea I might rework one of these days, but for now that’s not what I wanted to do with my first Ghoulia. In fact, I wasn’t 100% certain WHAT direction I wanted to go with her, but like always I just kinda let the moment speak to me.

I decided that this would indeed be my first attempt a rerooting a doll. Generally I know most people will reroot first before doing the faceup, but in this case I wanted to go the other direction – it was one part being impatient and not really wanting to work on any other dolls I have in inventory right now, one part not actually having hair to work with, and one part wanting the colors of the faceup to help dictate what I buy hair wise.

I’d always looked at DollyHair as the go-to place to get my hair shanks for when I wanted to try my hand at rerooting. So after playing around and coming up with what I believe to be a beautiful face up (and oddly not intended to be a more gentle and natural rework of Ghoulia’s original factory painting) I decided on a few shades of blue with a touch of dark green. Ordered yesterday and it’s already out in the mail to me today so here’s to hoping I can get Ghoulia one step closer to done and posted for sale!

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