Planners, Stickers and Organization, OH MY!

Tonight I set about the seemingly daunting task of tackling, honestly, customizing my planner. I had a Day Designer Blue Sky Edition Weekly/Monthly Planner that I got from my beloved Target. Thing is LARGE and bulky and I even went and got a larger purse to try and accommodate the beast that is the 8 x 10 mass of hourly, daily and weekly loveliness.

But alas, as is generally true with the ghosts of planners past, I started to use it and discovered that either I don;t know how to effectively ¬†use these things, or else it was just NOT the right style of planner for me and I needed something different. Then a friend made mention that she was printing planner stickers out and using them to customize her planner because (paraphrasing) if it’s not interesting or pretty she isnt going to open it. That’s when the light dawned on me! I just need to pretty-fy my planner.

Thanks to Etsy, there isn’t a drought on those offering interesting, fun, elegant, kawaii, or just plain WEIRD planner stickers. You can purchase them pre-cut or purchase the downloadable printable variety (though as an Etsy seller myself, PLEASE make sure you read the descriptions to know which you’re getting and what to expect!)

My first run selecting,cutting and use the stickers didnt work out to well. Again because first time and because I’m using this BEHEMOTH of a planner! Now, I overall like the layout of the Day Designer. I like being able to track things hourly because I will use that for things like doctors appointments, product launches on things I’m interested in, etc. I also like that they have daily quotes in there, and a gratitude portion. I just didnt need SO much space.


So I went out and got myself a smaller, almost mini version.

Now, being September 29, I shall tonight tackle printing and cutting new stickers to be placed carefully and lovingly into my most favorite month of all – OCTOBER! Of course, the options are rather endless and make it so I’m a bit indecisive about which ones, exactly, I want to invest in and use. But, as Tatiana would say…CHOICES!

I have so much to get organized, new prospects on the horizon and things I want to get in order.

I’ll post my updates once I get them accomplished and let you know how it went. In the meantime, if you’re a “planner person” – swear by Happy Planner or Erin Conden, want to be a planner person or else just have some ideas, please share!