Sobering News This Morning

I don’t normally post such things but I feel, more and more, that I need to include something with a little more substance than just my running, my planning, my dolls and bracelets and my goth lifestyle out to the world and HOPEFULLY someone reads it, listens, researches it and my post has made a positive difference. Going into 2017 I think you’re going to start to see a lot more of this from me.

Sobering news this morning as CNN reports that officers shot and killed in the line of duty this year has INCREASED 68% over last year alone. 68% folks. Think about that for a moment. When you accept a job, you do it knowing certain pros and cons. When you’re in EMS you expect that you are going to deal with drunks, with drug addicts, with those that abuse (on all levels) and don’t view laws or rules as necessary. If you are a nurse, a doctor, and EMT you know that there is a very minuscule risk that something ‘life threatening’ can happen to you – blood born pathogens, aggressive patients, etc. When you’re a firefighter you go in knowing that one day the fire -may- win and knowing that you will at least inevitably deal with it reminding you at some point that it’s a force of nature. But when you’re an officer, you go in knowing that someone may attack you solely with the purpose of killing you because of what you represent now. You accept that there are those that wish to do you harm, and even possibly eliminate your life solely because you accepted the uniform and badge. But you do it because you want to make a difference… want to help the victims of those that I mentioned above, you want to protect those that are innocent from those that want to watch the world burn even if that means your life is forfeit. Think about that for a minute.

Then remember this article as proof of that in this day and age. 68% increase in officers SHOT to death. The Officer Down Memorial Page (OMDP) reports that as of right this minute, there are a total of 137 officers who have been killed in the line of duty (meaning on shift) since the 1st of the year. Of those, 64 have been from gunfire alone. More than DOUBLE the number of officers shot and killed this year, year to date.

As we go into this holiday season, please do me a favor. Thank an officer…better yet more than one. If possible go to your local law enforcement department and do something positive to show your gratitude for the check that they’ve signed when they swore that oath and accepted that badge. Our law enforcement, day after day, is making the same promise that our military does in offering up their lives for ours to ensure peace still holds true in this county over chaos. SHOW them that you appreciate that sacrifice and please, PLEASE realize that is exactly what it is. Law enforcement isn’t what most of us think it is, or even what we think it SHOULD be anymore. Until we as a society recognize that, and take the necessary steps to also protect those that watch over us, I fear that these numbers will unfortunately continue to grow.

One Week and Counting…

Well, technically 8 days until the race itself. But in eight days, this shall be mine!


Isn’t it pretty!? I have struggled all year long, both mentally and physically with training. I’ve used excuses to not run, I’ve allowed myself to grow stagnant mentally and then I when I decided enough so that I could obtain this beauty right there, I started to have physical issues with my legs. I finally completed 6.2 miles a bit ago. It wasn’t at all fast. It wasn’t nearly close to the level of running I was at when I allowed my brain to stop me. But it will be enough and this, this will be in my collection.

I’m pretty much tapering this week and next in preparation for it only so that I don’t inadvertently push myself into injury. Shoes do indeed make all the difference (I’ll likely write on that later as I have a new pair arriving today I am going to be trying out)

Now, to figure out of the idea I have in my head for a race costume (my first) will be successful. That is the focus for my upcoming weekend.

In addition, I found out that this Springs Dapper Day will take place the same weekend that the race will be on which means that the parks will be packed with sartorial delight and frivolity. Should make for an interesting mix. I’m still considering bringing something to wear for that as well, if for nothing else than to just be silly and have a good time.

Wish me luck!



Adventures in ReRooting, Part Deux

So I had a Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High to whom I had repainted her face…but I wasn’t a huge fan of this series doll’s hair. I had been considering for a long while what to do as reroots are still something I am brand-spanking new at and the idea of what I wanted to turn this doll into hadn’t fully surfaced yet. Then I had the idea to utilize embroidery floss in lieu of the traditional nylon/saran hair or yarn.



Original doll, after face up, after hair removal.


I went out and got myself some colors of floss that I liked and that I thought would work well with not only the dolls coloring, but how I repainted her face. I then proceeded to get through the daunting task of removing the hair from the dolls head. Removal of the head is actually pretty easy if you go slow and use REALLY hot water to loosen the vinyl. Once you do that head quite literally will pop off without too much force. Then I soaked the inside of the head briefly in 100% pure acetone to loosen up the gunk of glue that they utilize to keep the originally rooted hair in place. After a good rinsing, I grabbed my pliers and got to work.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise – pulling out a dolls originally factory rooted hair is ROUGH. My hand, the day after, is STILL sore from having to grip the pliers and pull. The industrial strength glue that they use is RIDICULOUS! Not to mention, with this doll, they put a TON of hair in the dolls part which makes it even more difficult. As you can see in the second pic on the top row, there are quite a few places where, even trying to pull gently, the force of getting the glue out caused huge holes in the mold that I will now have to try to patch and/or cover. I think I’ll be able to cover them thankfully but was NONE too happy to have that happen. Finally I was working on the hair rooted at the crown and I could swear to the powers that be the dolls head was either trying to give birth, or throw up. I’m still not certain which it was. As you can see, the MASS of hair and glue was quite large and I’m actually amazed more damage wasn’t done to the head sculpt.

I’ve already begun the long and arduous process of rerooting with the floss and so far I’m quite liking the result. I wont always want to use it since I think it will lend itself to a certain signature, but I’m excited to see how she finishes up and of course pics will be posted when she’s ready for sale.

I’d also like to take this moment to point out that I know why most folks wll repaint AFTER a reroot now, since the process causes strain on the sealant and Clawdeen now has a white band across her nose – which oddly has inspired me to do a little more to her when I do to repair the ‘damage’. Make lemonade out of lemons people!

Also, if you ever wondered WHY repainted and rerooted dolls especially are so expensive – yes this process is something that I’m new to. But it took me about an hour and a half to remove the hair from the original doll and it’s going to take me roughly 3 more hours to reroot her. I spent an hour on her last night with the floss and I only had about two rows completed. Repainting can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours currently depending on what exactly I want to do to it. (The norm is about two to three). When you pay for a repainted one-of-a-kind doll your honestly paying for the artists time. Please remember to respect that. It’s one of the things I love about this community, however, is that the time spent really is something that true collectors appreciate. (And dont even get me started on constructing clothing! I’m still working on a dress!)


Small steps…

Small steps lead to great things. I have fought continuously with various aspect of myself for years. Mainly related to my weight and subjectively my insecurities. I’m not obese – though I would be considered overweight medically and am on the curvy/fluffy side.


One of the things I’ve realized recently is that I’m trying to attack things like I did in my 20’s. I’m not 20-something anymore. I work a full time job, I balance work with my children and family and keeping up a somewhat respectable home and then my hobbies. My signifigant other works an opposing shift and has an extremely high stress job thats also dangerous. I cant just tackle something full boar and expect it to work like it would have over a decade ago or more!

My body has done amazing things. I have given birth to two marvelous children naturally and ten years apart no less. I have known love, passion, sadness, excitement, joy, silliness, happiness, depression, anxiety, anger and a whole slew of other emotions and states of emotional security. I wrestle with anxiety every day on top of my insecurities and it’s infuriating.

But I have a choice – I can sit back and do nothing and accept things as they are – and that IS something I need to do to a degree. I have to find happiness and contentment as I AM with goals for where I want to be else I become a self defeating prophecy. Or I change things differently now that I’m older, more tired and busier – I can focus on making SMALL changes over a period of time wwith accessible timelines.

First, I have decided to reduce caffeine and increase water. For the rest of this week I’m going to just enjoy myself. Starting Saturday I will not have any caffeine – soda, coffee or tea, until I’ve had at least three glasses of water. Being that right now I’m barely drinking two a day that SHOULD be an obtainable goal. And I need to do this for a least a month before I make any OTHER changes.


Just a Little Hiatus…

And tomorrow I’m back to the grind of promoting my shop as much as humanely possible, selling my loose ends on eBay and working on new dolls! My family had some schedule shake-ups with a promotion for me, a course for my signifigant other and my youngests birthday but that all ends tomorrow and we will return you to your regularly scheduled programming!

Always remember that whether things are going well or not as anticipated, it’s best to take a little time for yourself and help you remember whats important. 🙂

Branching Out….And A New Doll!

I have some ideas of things I wanted to do to add to my store. My dolls are, as Ive mentioned before, a rather niche market. I dont expect or anticipate a slew of sales though Im going to work my proverbial backside off trying to get them – but I would like more traffic to my pages and have other crafty type things I enjoy.

Today I went out and got some more supplies and got to work. After about two hours and what I figure is roughly $12 in supplies, I have a new listing to put up tomorrow as well as a new doll for the offering! Really hoping that everyone enjoys the new offering and that the new doll will be a hit. Here is a sneak peak for tomorrow…


Rather Blessed

So yesterday I posted up three new dolls to my Etsy shop. Last month (January) I had a total of 146 total combined views between my over all shop and the listings I had available. Today, as of this moment, I have a total of 193 views with over 138 of them coming in for Cleo alone. I do hope that she finds a wonderful home, but also am quite hoping she continues to generate looksies! Thank you to everyone who has taken a gander at my ghouls. It is most appreciated!