New Vlog! Cross Posting – Piercing Update, Planners and Make Up

I posted a new vlog for your viewing pleasure!

Last night I discussed how my piercings are healing and what they are doing. So far so good, though they of course are throwing me for a loop here and there. I also touched on one of my newer obsessions, which is planner organization! I have ALWAYS had a think for stickers – for those of us that grew up in the 80’s collecting stickers was an actual thing and I have to say, I still love it. This just makes it adult acceptable on a whole new level and when you add it to the fact that I happen to be a sort of connoisseur of office supplies….well, even better!

I do NOT recommend purchasing printable planners sets though unless you have AMPLE amount of time and patience to cut the damn things out yourself. I spent a good near part of 2 hours cutting out the two sets I purchased. Wont be doing that again. Far more patient to wait for them to come to me pre-printed and cut in the mail I think.

But without further ado…


This past Friday, I took the afternoon to literally pamper myself. Hair, nails, toes…the whole she-bang. Now, I’ve worked in the industry so I understand the talent and supplies needed for such endeavors, and I STILL have issue with how much getting one’s hair cut and colored costs. But, in a professional environment, it is BEST to keep up with such things. I just haven’t accepted it.

I have to admit, it felt amazing to spend those few hours just sitting back and letting others take care of me for a while. It feels good now, a few days later, to look down at my nails and have them exactly the way I like them. It just simply felt good. And as a mother, that’s something I realized I forget to do for myself – and it’s important.

We spend so much of out days taking care of others – we often forget to step back and indulge in ourself, appreciate ourself, and just allow others to take care of me for a little while. Its a solid reminder, in spite of the costs, that we are worth that few hours every few months. Take it. Accept it, Appreciate it and yourself and enjoy that ‘you’ time. It’s important.