First DollyHair Order!

So yesterday I decided to start a repaint on a Ghoulia Yelps doll that I had ordered off of ebay. When I had ordered her, I had gotten her at a very good price and when she arrived, I found out why. Someone had chopped her bangs clear off and the hair in that area looked like the beginning of a Billie Jean doll (with blue hair of course!) Thats actually an idea I might rework one of these days, but for now that’s not what I wanted to do with my first Ghoulia. In fact, I wasn’t 100% certain WHAT direction I wanted to go with her, but like always I just kinda let the moment speak to me.

I decided that this would indeed be my first attempt a rerooting a doll. Generally I know most people will reroot first before doing the faceup, but in this case I wanted to go the other direction – it was one part being impatient and not really wanting to work on any other dolls I have in inventory right now, one part not actually having hair to work with, and one part wanting the colors of the faceup to help dictate what I buy hair wise.

I’d always looked at DollyHair as the go-to place to get my hair shanks for when I wanted to try my hand at rerooting. So after playing around and coming up with what I believe to be a beautiful face up (and oddly not intended to be a more gentle and natural rework of Ghoulia’s original factory painting) I decided on a few shades of blue with a touch of dark green. Ordered yesterday and it’s already out in the mail to me today so here’s to hoping I can get Ghoulia one step closer to done and posted for sale!

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