It’s Amazing What A Day Makes….

I ran yesterday. For the first time in over a month, I ran without pain or discomfort!

I tried out my new orthotics yesterday with the intention of only running a mile at the most. I didnt wnat to overdo it and wasn’t sure how running in the orthotics would feel, or how well they would work. It took a bit to get used to the additional support and admittedly felt a little weird to start. Then I realized about a half mile in I was alright. NO pain. NO stress or soreness. I ran a mile. Then I decided to go farther.

I ran two.

The woman who couldn’t even run a mile a month ago, after having completed 5k’s and 4-milers, ran 2 miles pain free and could likely have done more mileage. I opted not to so that I wasn’t overdoing it. I spent last night brainstorming on a running costume for the Dark Side Weekend 10k.

Today, I woke up a little sore and happily so. I put on my shoes and ran another mile.

It is utterly amazing to me how much my mood has improved and how excited I am now that I can and will be abe to run again and continue to participate in races. Physical therapy is coming on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to it. Anything that will not only help me regain running, but lead towards my goals to loose weight and get back to where I’m physically happy with myself is exciting.

Cross training resumes tomorrow.

New Year—New Start



2015 ended on a rather good and solid note for me, though 2016 was rung in quietly and with ample amounts of sleep! I do hope, for anyone reading, that you’re new year began happily, with an abundance of hope and prosperity for the coming days.

I turn 39 this year and to me, age is indeed just a number. But there is something to be said for those ‘milestones’ – you know, aged 5, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, etc. It’s rather funny, actually, how we start to spread them out into 5-year increments starting in our 20’s, isn’t it? As my proverbial 30’s are coming to what is socially and chronologically considered their close, I have endeavored to make improvements for myself. Nothing major, and indeed I’ve already started with drastically decreasing my caffeine in-take, greatly increasing my water consumption and attempting to make better dietary choices without denying myself sweet, delicious junk food. I haven’t been able to run – physical limitations have been halting the forward progresses I had made there – but I have already established appointments to look into the causes of said issues and hopefully resolve them so that I can continue with the momentum I have building up.

Each weekend this year I want to DO something beneficial – this month it will be literally cleaning out some closets, purging what is no longer useful, needed or retain-able for sentimental value, and reorganizing my work space to accommodate a few things that are being developed – expanding my work with Chrysalis Creation and it’s Etsy shop which I LOVE and expanding my social networking there in through both its Twitter and Instagram feeds. My partner has started to home brew mead and I have to say that has piqued my interests too – something I can create, set aside to develop on it’s own through nature, and then enjoy afterwards with others. Exercise is taking a forefront again – especially weight training. I’ve mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with running, but I LOVE weight training. There is something tangible about seeing your gains and lifting heavier weights, or easily doing more reps that I just enjoy. Gains with running I’ve noticed are very subtle, and subtlety and I have always had a rough relationship.

I had to defer the 10k I was supposed to run this week due to the aforementioned physical limitations I’ve been experiencing. I’m not certain if it’s due to plantar fascittis, shin splints, or even an IT band issue. But I know I can get it looked and and any of those can be worked out. I’ve already started to brainstorm possibilities for running costumes for the 10k I WILL be completing in April with the runDisney Star Wars – The Dark Side challenges.

So to all, on this first post of 2016 – don’t make resolutions. They fail. Simply decide what you want to DO this year and get after doing it. The rest will all fall into place.




Small steps…

Small steps lead to great things. I have fought continuously with various aspect of myself for years. Mainly related to my weight and subjectively my insecurities. I’m not obese – though I would be considered overweight medically and am on the curvy/fluffy side.


One of the things I’ve realized recently is that I’m trying to attack things like I did in my 20’s. I’m not 20-something anymore. I work a full time job, I balance work with my children and family and keeping up a somewhat respectable home and then my hobbies. My signifigant other works an opposing shift and has an extremely high stress job thats also dangerous. I cant just tackle something full boar and expect it to work like it would have over a decade ago or more!

My body has done amazing things. I have given birth to two marvelous children naturally and ten years apart no less. I have known love, passion, sadness, excitement, joy, silliness, happiness, depression, anxiety, anger and a whole slew of other emotions and states of emotional security. I wrestle with anxiety every day on top of my insecurities and it’s infuriating.

But I have a choice – I can sit back and do nothing and accept things as they are – and that IS something I need to do to a degree. I have to find happiness and contentment as I AM with goals for where I want to be else I become a self defeating prophecy. Or I change things differently now that I’m older, more tired and busier – I can focus on making SMALL changes over a period of time wwith accessible timelines.

First, I have decided to reduce caffeine and increase water. For the rest of this week I’m going to just enjoy myself. Starting Saturday I will not have any caffeine – soda, coffee or tea, until I’ve had at least three glasses of water. Being that right now I’m barely drinking two a day that SHOULD be an obtainable goal. And I need to do this for a least a month before I make any OTHER changes.


Adventures in ReRooting…A Dolls Tale

This weekend I received my first order from DollyHair and was excited to get started. I ordered hair in Blueberry Muffin, DragonFly and Poison Ivy to go along with the recently repainted Ghoulia Yelps doll from the previous weekend.

Ghoulia Yelps Repaint

I also didnt order a rerooting tool cause I felt like I would be able to make one with the supplies I have on hand. I mean, I have a bunch of sewing needles, x-acto knives and wire cutters; I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it so how hard can it really be?

Lemme tell you, the ONE thing none of them videos told me was to ballast the needle. Even in an x-acto knife clamp I had issues with the needle being too long. Either make sure you have the right length needle or make sure you have a dowel rod to plunge the needle into for support! Took me two broken needles and a lot of cursing, but I finally got something that would allow me to get hair back on poor Ghoulia’s head!

I still need to form some polymer clay around the shaft of the needled to give it not only a slightly improved appearance, but also a little additional stability so as to not bend it. Thankfully, the thrown together tool has given me something I could use (and ideas for potential accessories to sell going forward!)

I’ll have pics up of her in a bit and I still need to part thatch her head, but I’ve been quite pleased with the results so far and can’t wait to finish her up this weekend to get her posted for sale.