Come To The Dark Side – We Have Races!

T0day marked a rather significant day in my attitude towards racing. I have been quite remiss and lazy (admittedly) over the past summer because Summer in Florida = HELLACIOUS HUMIDITY and honestly, I didn’t have the resolve to work through it like I should have to maintain the progresses I had developed last year. I started to run again intermittently and have gone from a 12:39 mile minute to a 14:22 mile minute. Now, that’s pretty significant, but I also know I can regain that progress with diligence and determination. Starting in October I will be able to participate in local 5k’s again and that will also assist my training as I move onto the next mile stone – the 10k.

Recently, however, there had been speculation as to whether or not runDisney would implement an East Coast Walt Disney World Star Wars weekend to counter the West Coast Disneyland Star Wars weekend that inaugurated last year. This was even more prominent after it was announced that not only would the new Star Wars Movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens would be released in 2016, but also that 2014 had been the last year for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend previously in place. If this was the case, then runDisney would also be able to implement a new Coast – to – Coast medal that was completely SW in nature (and totally awesome!)

Sure enough, three weeks ago it was announced that there would, indeed, be an East Coast Event and the Kessel Run Coast – to – Coast Challenge was included. I believe I spent that day in Cloud City due to my level of giddiness over the whole idea of a local SW themed race and the eventual goal of completing an actual Kessel Run. Not only that, but the East Coast is the Dark Side which means all my Sith-y type inspirations can be accommodated!

Being that I’m an annual passholder, I was able to take advantage of the early registration that happened today to get myself into the 10k and the littlest one into the kids dash for his age group. It will be his first official race and right now he’s all about the SW and the Legos. Wonder if I can make him a Lego Darth Vader for his race?

As for me, I’ve been contemplating costuming for this one and can’t see how I can NOT at least do something Sith inspired for my attire that race. I have yet to get to the comfort level of completing two races in one weekend (I’ve done it with a 5 k and a 4-miler but that was pretty intense for me as it was!) to undertake the Dark Side Challenge just yet – but it’s become a goal for 2017. Besides, if the 10k Marathon weekend wasn’t incentive enough to start running again this weekend – SW has certainly lit a fire under my Millenium Falcon!








I do not write as often as I want to or should. As I’ve mentioned before, my daily schedule is pretty chock full of things to do and mundane day-to-day tasks to tend to. I’m changing that with this post. I want to blog about my business. Yes. Because blogging about my business is a smart thing to do – it’s literally free advertising and it’s a great way to share the art that I find so much joy and relaxation in doing. But I also want to blog about the two other things in my life that take up what there is of my free time – running and Disney (and combined there is runDisney!)

This week I start to train for my first 10k coming up in January. Between now and then I’m certain to run at least a few official 5ks and I’ll recap those. I want to write about my experiences in training, the joys and heartaches, the progress and set backs and yes, I know there are plenty of blogs about the running lifestyle. But I’m a late thirtysomething who just recently truly discovered (and subsequently lost due to the opressive Florida humidity) the joy of running and I want to help inspire others to do the same.

I want to write about Disney because, yes, though there are plenty of other Disney bloggers out there, me and my family regularly take day and weekend trips to the Happiest Place on Earth and I almost always run into someone in the parks to whom we’re able to give some sort of information that they either didnt know or else were able to assist them in saving some money.


I also have grandiose ideas about costumes I want to do for various running events. All this in addition to the various things I want to do with my dolls throughout the next year. And maybe even some family/personal growth stuff too along the way.

Regardless, I want to get at least one post up a week, and preferably one a day if manageable.

Ready to take the journey with me?