July Was A Whirlwind…

I realized this morning that I hadn’t blogged in a while and when I logged in to see where my last blog left me, I saw that it was 6/30/16! Bad blogger for not being more consistent. I really do need to work on that. Perhaps that’s a post in and of itself.

July was filled with quite a bit of insight, upheaval and dealing with travel (for my other half – not for me unfortunately) and in dealing with all of it life just sort of caught up to me. That being said, with kindergarten fast approaching for my littlest one, I suspect that August will be just as busy, albeit with more opportunity to take a few moments of my days and post something that will hopefully be worth while to read. I’m still figuring out this whole ‘blogging’ thing after all.

I need to get back to making my dolls and refreshing the stock in my etsy shop. I love to work on them, but they do consume quite a bit of time – particularly if I’ve opted to reroot their hair and I have a tendency to just sit down and work, work, work once an idea hits me. I’ve been seeing a LOT of Suicide Squad Harley Quinn’s of late and that makes me happy. Some great ones have been created and I have to say the attention to detail amazes me.


Then there is the bracelets, which I also have been loving to make because they are quick, easy and something I can work on while watching TV at night. Been bouncing around the idea of trying to create some matching earrings for them to – but need to source some solid and affordable posts as I am HORRIBLY sensitive to anything plated and wish not to sell something I can’t also wear. I find it important that even if no one inquires, I wear my own creations daily. If you won’t wear your own stuff, then why would you think someone else would want to as well?!



I’ve also been batting the idea around to add some vlogs to my posts. I’ve been hell bent on relearning how best to apply make up and I’ve yet to see one from someone my age – which though I don’t look nearly close to what people would think 39 looks like, there are some base differences to how I can apply make up to say a twenty-something with fresh skin. I’ve also been wanting to post opinions of products and what I find works for me – in an effort to help out those in the ‘older’ set. If there is an interest in that, please let me know in the comments!

Racing is something I need to get back into as well once the weather is more conducive to running outside. I find running on the treadmill to be difficult at best since I can’t train in intervals nearly as easily (why for has the health and fitness industry not created a treadmill in which you can program timed intervals?! Get on that engineering/programming types!) I’ve been doing well on Weight Watchers and have managed through their program and walking 10000 steps a day approximately to loose a total of 12 lbs in about as many weeks so it’s a good, solid and manageable progression. Only 27 more to go!

There really has been a lot going on, and a ton that I want to start discussing more openly regarding my point of view on things. I just need to organize and start working on them. Stay tuned for more!



Weight Watchers

I’ve bitten the bullet and enrolled in Weight Watchers. Yes, I’m on a ‘diet’ as it were. Now, mind you, I don’t generally like to pay for such things. I totally understand the mentality that if you pay for something, you’re more apt with follow through because otherwise you’re wasting money. I felt the same way about gym memberships, yet here I am with one to the local Y and I’m finding that having an alternative on those muggy, disgusting and oppressively hot Florida days is a blessing.

But a diet plan? Eh. I have acquaintances that are selling Plexus now, or Shakeology and I get those too. I’m sure that they work for people and am glad that they have found success. But I also know what my weakness is, and that’s sugar. I love cake, cupcakes, candies and chocolates FAR too much to give them up and I have to learn how to control my cravings for them.

My mouth waters just looking at this….

Which is one of the things I LIKE about Weight Watchers. Yes, you can eat everything I just mentioned, but you also eat it KNOWING that you are using more of the points from your daily allowance and it truly does make me think twice, even just within a few days, of whether or not I want that package of Twinkies. (Today, I said yes and I’m NOT going to beat myself up over it!)

Not to mention, through a benefit with my insurance provider, I qualified for 6 months free with no obligation AND a reduced rate afterwards. I’ll take that. What I like as well is that I can eat as much fruit as I want and THAT will certainly help with the sweet cravings heading into summer here. There are advantages to living in Florida – lots of readily available fresh fruit.

This also goes back to the rambling post I made last night about my Reboot. I have to do something. Running is still causing me issues, though I am rediscovering my love of P90X and weight training while I work on cross-training which is also essential towards great running results.

Today happens to be a ‘cheat’ day as I’m am FAR too stressed out and starving. I’m still tracking what I eat as it will be a good benchmark and I’m just in my first week of using this program. What I am finding is that it’s MUCH harder to avoid snacking at work than it is at home so it’s the mid-day work lull I have to watch out for. I’m about a week in, technically I started last Friday. but we’ll see if there are any immediate results.

I may go over what the program entails and how I’m doing on it moving forward, but those are posts for a different time.

Between this, being a LOT more active and my new-found desire to play with make-up, I can only imagine what I will look like in a months time. Certainly something to look forward to!

I Did It! First 10k In The Books….


That was my time for the Inaugural Star Wars – Dark Side 10k at Walt Disney World. This was also my personal first 10k and one that I had been feeling completely unprepared for. It wasn’t necessarily pretty and it was HOT and muggy as is the current climate of Florida. But I started, I finished, and I earned that Tie Fighter medal. I was 745 in my division, 3969 in my gender with 6921 women running and 12172 runners completing the race.

I’ll take it.

Not only will I take it, I have another 5k coming up in June to keep me motivated and not sitting on my butt in the hot and humid summer sun.

I have also started taking full advantage of my YMCA membership and getting into the gym three times a week during lunch breaks to cross-train. Generally legs and lower back one day, light cardio the next and arms and upper body/abs the third. All with a 10 minute attack on the elliptical to get heart rate up.

I’ve seen a lot of offers lately on my Facebook feed for friends that are peddling Plexus and Shakeology. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have P90X and T25 in my arsenal at home for the days where I might want to get something a little extra in (which hasn’t happened in quite come time because, well, LIFE and there are so many things I want to do with my time at home like my dolls and new capital ventures in the works) I’ve even been seeing OrangeTheory quite a bit lately as well and know that will be close to my office soon. But thinking that this way works for my schedule, budget and everything in between.

Now to see what progress I can make in the next year.

One Week and Counting…

Well, technically 8 days until the race itself. But in eight days, this shall be mine!


Isn’t it pretty!? I have struggled all year long, both mentally and physically with training. I’ve used excuses to not run, I’ve allowed myself to grow stagnant mentally and then I when I decided enough so that I could obtain this beauty right there, I started to have physical issues with my legs. I finally completed 6.2 miles a bit ago. It wasn’t at all fast. It wasn’t nearly close to the level of running I was at when I allowed my brain to stop me. But it will be enough and this, this will be in my collection.

I’m pretty much tapering this week and next in preparation for it only so that I don’t inadvertently push myself into injury. Shoes do indeed make all the difference (I’ll likely write on that later as I have a new pair arriving today I am going to be trying out)

Now, to figure out of the idea I have in my head for a race costume (my first) will be successful. That is the focus for my upcoming weekend.

In addition, I found out that this Springs Dapper Day will take place the same weekend that the race will be on which means that the parks will be packed with sartorial delight and frivolity. Should make for an interesting mix. I’m still considering bringing something to wear for that as well, if for nothing else than to just be silly and have a good time.

Wish me luck!



It’s Amazing What A Day Makes….

I ran yesterday. For the first time in over a month, I ran without pain or discomfort!

I tried out my new orthotics yesterday with the intention of only running a mile at the most. I didnt wnat to overdo it and wasn’t sure how running in the orthotics would feel, or how well they would work. It took a bit to get used to the additional support and admittedly felt a little weird to start. Then I realized about a half mile in I was alright. NO pain. NO stress or soreness. I ran a mile. Then I decided to go farther.

I ran two.

The woman who couldn’t even run a mile a month ago, after having completed 5k’s and 4-milers, ran 2 miles pain free and could likely have done more mileage. I opted not to so that I wasn’t overdoing it. I spent last night brainstorming on a running costume for the Dark Side Weekend 10k.

Today, I woke up a little sore and happily so. I put on my shoes and ran another mile.

It is utterly amazing to me how much my mood has improved and how excited I am now that I can and will be abe to run again and continue to participate in races. Physical therapy is coming on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to it. Anything that will not only help me regain running, but lead towards my goals to loose weight and get back to where I’m physically happy with myself is exciting.

Cross training resumes tomorrow.

Of Orthotics and Aging……

As I have previously mentioned, I have been having serious issues with my running since taking a (very silly) hiatus over the insufferable Florida summer. I have been to see a sports medicine/orthopedic surgeon regarding my issues and he has prescribed some physical therapy (which I will actually begin next week, schedule willing) and plastazote orthotics with arch supports. These are orthotics generally prescribed to diabetics – which honestly after trying them out I think I may want a pair for my regular every day shoes!

One would think that being given something like this would tend to make you consider your age – someone in their late thirties who has been relatively healthy their whole lives (outside of having a little too much weight on them currently) wouldn’t require such things. But I have found over the last 5 years or so that my knees snap-crackle-pop more often (well EVERY TIME) I go up or down stairs. I’m slower to recover if I do get a mild cold. I’m sore a little more than usual, etc. We age. We season. We get better. We feel like we’re falling apart.


I look forward to using these however, as I know that if they do as they should then it should help alleviate the issues I’ve been experiencing, as well as allow me to not only complete the races I have (amazingly) fallen in love with participating in, but also to help with my overall health and well-being. Maybe I can even get some of this extra weight off again!

For this 4th day of my Phenomenal February, I look at it not as a detriment, or a negative new thing that has been added to my life as I get older, but as a welcome tool to help me combat that exact feeling. I have ten weeks until my anticipated race. I can do this, and I will do this.

My health is much improved from being sick at the end of January. I can feel energy around me that is electric with anticipation. Choices are being made every day to make improvement.


Besides, isn’t that how races are finished?

Imbolc – The Coming of the Light

Today marks the Festival of St. Brigid, otherwise known as Imbolc – which is the celebration of the home and the coming of the light. In pagan terms, it signifies the midway point of winter and the coming of spring. I’ve decided to use this month – and it’s extra day – to institute some positive changes in my lifestyle. Brigid has also always been a Goddess to whom I’ve always felt a strong pull and connection and revisiting my internal draws is part of that journey. I’ve wandered away from researching, learning and discovering things on a spiritual level the last five years and that’s something I have to correct. She, along with Hecate and Cerridwen, make up my three guides.

As anyone who may have followed my blog may know, I’ve had issues recently with running and problems with my legs. I still don’t know officially what is going on, but I have seen a sport medicine doc and have to acquire some plastazote orthotics for my shoes, as well as some physical therapy to being this Friday. I’m hoping that those two things combined will allow me to complete my road to 10K in April. This is one of my short-term goals.

Today I also start with being positive. There is a LOT going on at home right now, and I want to spread happiness, joy and love to those I hold dear to me. Money is an issue, and even with taxes coming up there are plenty of negative decisions I have made throughout the last three years that I need to correct. It won’t be an easy road, but in spite of it I am determined to regain the upbeat, confident and determined woman I am and have been. She’s been hiding, you see, and I’m tired of being something I’m not. It’s not fair to my family, but also not fair to my self and is a disservice towards the goals and progress I intend to make.

So, for the next 29 days, I endeavor to find things daily that make me smile, that make my heart sing and share them with my family. I endeavor to document those things and hold them dear, as future reminders of where I’ve been and where I’ve come from. I endeavor to improve my health with the coming light and take advantage of the cycles that are offered to me to learn, to grow, to improve and to share of myself with those that I deem worthy.







Deferrals…And Shoes

For the second year in a row I’ve had to defer the Walt Disney World 10k. Last year it bugged me because it was merely due to bad planning on my part – I thought I could book a hotel room in October and be alright and little did I know that was incorrect. This years race I planned better and everything was in place.

So why, a month out from the race this time, did I have to defer again? A few reasons, not the least of which is the fact that as I have been trying to train and continuing to get hurt or close to hurt. I know if I continue to push myslef to get to a level where I feel comfortable running a 10k I will likely do more harm than good.

I have also discovered and accepted that the shoes I recently purchased are likely NOT the right shoes for me. Of course, since running shoes are expensive the idea of having a brand new pair of shoes NOT be suitable for me isnt ideal. Who wants to go out and spend even more money on a NEW pair of shoes when you have a perfectly good pair sitting right there. But I can tell you now for your physical (and ultimately mental health as set backs SUCK) that having the proper gear FOR YOU is important to avoid injury. Everyone runs different and shoes are created specifically for whether you overpronate,  underpronate or are a neutral runner. Even if you overpronate and get a shoe made for overpronaters, other factors may preclude that series of shoes from being perfect for you.

Reboot 2.0

Recently, I have come to the hard and rough realization that my lack of taking care of myself was detrimental towards not just me – physically, mentally and emotionally – but also to my family and those I love.

I weighed myself today to a whopping result of 156.8 lbs on my 5′ 2″ frame. This is MORE than what I weighted at the height of my last pregnancy. This is completely unacceptable. I have a 10k race on January 8th that I havent really begun to train for, in part because I have had physical discomfort every time I’ve tried that I’ve used as an excuse to NOT do anything.

Interestingly enough, as I was pondering this yesterday and the changes I have to make lifestyle wise, a post from Wil Wheaton popped up into my Facebook. In it, he spoke about the seven things he did to ‘reboot’ his life. I found that it resonated  quite well with where I find myself currently.

I do plan to read more.

Tomorrow, I start taking advantage of the YMCA membership I have during my lunches at work to put in dreadmill and weight building time.

I HAVE to cut caffeine out of my diet, or at the very least minimize it greatly as a special treat. Being that I suffer from anxiety, caffeine is not only counter productive to my ability to control my anxiety, but amplifies it.

I have already started to increase my water intake, knowing that I have to do that a little slowly so as to not constantly be in the bathroom.

I plan on focusing on getting solid rest and NOT pushing the limits to burn the candle at both ends.

Reboot 2.0 in progress……

Come To The Dark Side – We Have Races!

T0day marked a rather significant day in my attitude towards racing. I have been quite remiss and lazy (admittedly) over the past summer because Summer in Florida = HELLACIOUS HUMIDITY and honestly, I didn’t have the resolve to work through it like I should have to maintain the progresses I had developed last year. I started to run again intermittently and have gone from a 12:39 mile minute to a 14:22 mile minute. Now, that’s pretty significant, but I also know I can regain that progress with diligence and determination. Starting in October I will be able to participate in local 5k’s again and that will also assist my training as I move onto the next mile stone – the 10k.

Recently, however, there had been speculation as to whether or not runDisney would implement an East Coast Walt Disney World Star Wars weekend to counter the West Coast Disneyland Star Wars weekend that inaugurated last year. This was even more prominent after it was announced that not only would the new Star Wars Movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens would be released in 2016, but also that 2014 had been the last year for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend previously in place. If this was the case, then runDisney would also be able to implement a new Coast – to – Coast medal that was completely SW in nature (and totally awesome!)

Sure enough, three weeks ago it was announced that there would, indeed, be an East Coast Event and the Kessel Run Coast – to – Coast Challenge was included. I believe I spent that day in Cloud City due to my level of giddiness over the whole idea of a local SW themed race and the eventual goal of completing an actual Kessel Run. Not only that, but the East Coast is the Dark Side which means all my Sith-y type inspirations can be accommodated!

Being that I’m an annual passholder, I was able to take advantage of the early registration that happened today to get myself into the 10k and the littlest one into the kids dash for his age group. It will be his first official race and right now he’s all about the SW and the Legos. Wonder if I can make him a Lego Darth Vader for his race?

As for me, I’ve been contemplating costuming for this one and can’t see how I can NOT at least do something Sith inspired for my attire that race. I have yet to get to the comfort level of completing two races in one weekend (I’ve done it with a 5 k and a 4-miler but that was pretty intense for me as it was!) to undertake the Dark Side Challenge just yet – but it’s become a goal for 2017. Besides, if the 10k Marathon weekend wasn’t incentive enough to start running again this weekend – SW has certainly lit a fire under my Millenium Falcon!