Newly Listed – 4.12.15

I got these turned around so quickly that I wasnt even able to get my WIP pics up! I also had another bottle that I had completed a while ago that I decided to get up online to see if there were any bites on it. I’m rather quite pleased with these two and in fact honestly considered keeping the Draculaura for my own collection! I do hope that you enjoy them.

As always, they were both stripped of their original factory paint and repainted using Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils and Pastels, Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils and sealed using Mr. Super Clean UV Matte Sealant and Liquitex Gloss Varnish. I also painted both their hands and feet with nail polish AND added a little touch of realness with lashes!

















Newly Listed – 3.23.15

I got her finished in the same weekend! The other day I posted my new WIP and was quite pleased that I was able to get her completed AND posted for sale in my Etsy shop all in the same timeframe. Usually I start a doll one weekend and finish her the next but this Warrior Goddess came together quite easily. Hair is very loosely based off of Lagertha from the Vikings Series.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings

But today I can post that she has indeed been placed into my Etsy shop for sale and here she is!


Work in Process – 3.21.15 Scarah Screams

My work for this weekend is on one of my favorite Monster High dolls – Scarah Screams. Shes the daughter of the Banshee and Irish which puts her high up there in my books but beyond the character that Mattel created, her mold is beautiful and she’s just a gorgeous, simple doll.

I have enough of the in inventory now that I decided it was time to break one out and work on her. I initially was inpsired to do something either Celtic or oddly, Egyptian based but was having an issues deciding on colors. The Celtic inpsired that a bit more I think and I went with  a bright bloe woad looking color and a bright yellow. Then she turned a little tribal on me with the blushing so I went that direction instead.

Overall, she’s probably one of the prettiest dolls I’ve repainted so far and I’m horribly proud of her. I may have a hard time parting with this one when I list her for sale! Her hairs been washed and conditioned and she’s drying now so I’ll style it tomorrow and see what I come up with there.