Corporate Goth….

I’m almost 40. I still dont know how to dress ‘professionally’ and I’m thankful I have a professional job that is patient, mostly tolerant (I still have to cover the tattoos), and willing to teach me.

I realized today, I truly want to be a glam goth again. Ya know, the goth chicks that are elegant, always well put together and made up, but most definetively goth. I was always more of a punky goth in high school and my 20’s. I enjoyed the elegance but I honestly didnt have the funds. Now, better position in life, but a lot LESS time to put into making myself up every day.

I need to adjust my schedule, I think. Between running, family and what not I rarely have time for the hobbies I want to partake in, more or less spending 30+ minutes doing my ahir and make up every morning.

I’ve been getting better. I have at least been tackling eyeliner (I have an eye disorder so it make wearing certain types of makeup difficult.), mascara and primer with a tinted moistuerizer. I really think I want to go back to black hair as well.

Now…off to pinterest to get ideas. 😉 

Come To The Dark Side – We Have Races!

T0day marked a rather significant day in my attitude towards racing. I have been quite remiss and lazy (admittedly) over the past summer because Summer in Florida = HELLACIOUS HUMIDITY and honestly, I didn’t have the resolve to work through it like I should have to maintain the progresses I had developed last year. I started to run again intermittently and have gone from a 12:39 mile minute to a 14:22 mile minute. Now, that’s pretty significant, but I also know I can regain that progress with diligence and determination. Starting in October I will be able to participate in local 5k’s again and that will also assist my training as I move onto the next mile stone – the 10k.

Recently, however, there had been speculation as to whether or not runDisney would implement an East Coast Walt Disney World Star Wars weekend to counter the West Coast Disneyland Star Wars weekend that inaugurated last year. This was even more prominent after it was announced that not only would the new Star Wars Movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens would be released in 2016, but also that 2014 had been the last year for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend previously in place. If this was the case, then runDisney would also be able to implement a new Coast – to – Coast medal that was completely SW in nature (and totally awesome!)

Sure enough, three weeks ago it was announced that there would, indeed, be an East Coast Event and the Kessel Run Coast – to – Coast Challenge was included. I believe I spent that day in Cloud City due to my level of giddiness over the whole idea of a local SW themed race and the eventual goal of completing an actual Kessel Run. Not only that, but the East Coast is the Dark Side which means all my Sith-y type inspirations can be accommodated!

Being that I’m an annual passholder, I was able to take advantage of the early registration that happened today to get myself into the 10k and the littlest one into the kids dash for his age group. It will be his first official race and right now he’s all about the SW and the Legos. Wonder if I can make him a Lego Darth Vader for his race?

As for me, I’ve been contemplating costuming for this one and can’t see how I can NOT at least do something Sith inspired for my attire that race. I have yet to get to the comfort level of completing two races in one weekend (I’ve done it with a 5 k and a 4-miler but that was pretty intense for me as it was!) to undertake the Dark Side Challenge just yet – but it’s become a goal for 2017. Besides, if the 10k Marathon weekend wasn’t incentive enough to start running again this weekend – SW has certainly lit a fire under my Millenium Falcon!







Adventures in ReRooting, Part Deux

So I had a Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High to whom I had repainted her face…but I wasn’t a huge fan of this series doll’s hair. I had been considering for a long while what to do as reroots are still something I am brand-spanking new at and the idea of what I wanted to turn this doll into hadn’t fully surfaced yet. Then I had the idea to utilize embroidery floss in lieu of the traditional nylon/saran hair or yarn.



Original doll, after face up, after hair removal.


I went out and got myself some colors of floss that I liked and that I thought would work well with not only the dolls coloring, but how I repainted her face. I then proceeded to get through the daunting task of removing the hair from the dolls head. Removal of the head is actually pretty easy if you go slow and use REALLY hot water to loosen the vinyl. Once you do that head quite literally will pop off without too much force. Then I soaked the inside of the head briefly in 100% pure acetone to loosen up the gunk of glue that they utilize to keep the originally rooted hair in place. After a good rinsing, I grabbed my pliers and got to work.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise – pulling out a dolls originally factory rooted hair is ROUGH. My hand, the day after, is STILL sore from having to grip the pliers and pull. The industrial strength glue that they use is RIDICULOUS! Not to mention, with this doll, they put a TON of hair in the dolls part which makes it even more difficult. As you can see in the second pic on the top row, there are quite a few places where, even trying to pull gently, the force of getting the glue out caused huge holes in the mold that I will now have to try to patch and/or cover. I think I’ll be able to cover them thankfully but was NONE too happy to have that happen. Finally I was working on the hair rooted at the crown and I could swear to the powers that be the dolls head was either trying to give birth, or throw up. I’m still not certain which it was. As you can see, the MASS of hair and glue was quite large and I’m actually amazed more damage wasn’t done to the head sculpt.

I’ve already begun the long and arduous process of rerooting with the floss and so far I’m quite liking the result. I wont always want to use it since I think it will lend itself to a certain signature, but I’m excited to see how she finishes up and of course pics will be posted when she’s ready for sale.

I’d also like to take this moment to point out that I know why most folks wll repaint AFTER a reroot now, since the process causes strain on the sealant and Clawdeen now has a white band across her nose – which oddly has inspired me to do a little more to her when I do to repair the ‘damage’. Make lemonade out of lemons people!

Also, if you ever wondered WHY repainted and rerooted dolls especially are so expensive – yes this process is something that I’m new to. But it took me about an hour and a half to remove the hair from the original doll and it’s going to take me roughly 3 more hours to reroot her. I spent an hour on her last night with the floss and I only had about two rows completed. Repainting can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours currently depending on what exactly I want to do to it. (The norm is about two to three). When you pay for a repainted one-of-a-kind doll your honestly paying for the artists time. Please remember to respect that. It’s one of the things I love about this community, however, is that the time spent really is something that true collectors appreciate. (And dont even get me started on constructing clothing! I’m still working on a dress!)